Raoul Pal Sees Solana Dominating 2024’s Crypto Scene; Ethereum Holders Eyeing This New AI Crypto Presale.

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Raoul Pal, the founder of Real Vision, says Ethereum (ETH) competitor Solana (SOL) will kick off a crypto summer in 2024. The macroeconomics expert told his nearly 1 million followers on social media that Solana looks to be shaping up in a classic bullish pattern. Meanwhile, InQubeta (QUBE), a groundbreaking new AI altcoin has garnered significant attention in its presale among Ethereum users eager to explore its promising possibilities.

InQubeta is a crypto-AI project that seeks to facilitate connections between AI startups and investors. Its unique features, including a deflationary mechanism and extensive services, have garnered significant interest among investors. Currently, in the presale phase, experts in the cryptocurrency field are predicting that QUBE is the top crypto to buy for substantial gains both this year and in 2024.

This article will examine the InQubeta presale and why Raoul Pal sees Solana dominating the crypto market next year.

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InQubeta (QUBE) Presale: The Best AI Crypto Investment

InQubeta is the best crypto to buy in the AI revolution and offers a unique platform for fractional investment in AI startups using its QUBE token. The presale of QUBE has sparked significant interest among Ethereum investors, who are actively purchasing a substantial number of tokens. With the presale already securing over $3.8 million, QUBE is positioned as a leading player in the crypto-AI revolution, presenting an enticing investment opportunity.

The QUBE token is currently in its fourth stage, with a price of $0.0133. Early adopters have the opportunity to secure their shares before the official launch. It is anticipated that the minimum price at its major exchange debut will be around $0.0308, attracting interest from Ethereum investors who see a significant potential for gains. Over 414 million tokens have already been sold, offering investors the chance to make substantial profits through the best crypto investment platform.

The QUBE presale is divided into 10 stages, providing investors with various opportunities to participate in the best crypto investment ecosystem. Investors can have added peace of mind and confidence due to the platform's verification by Hacken and Block audits. The popularity of InQubeta within the crypto community can be attributed to the distinctive features offered by the QUBE presale, including a vesting period and comprehensive project accounting. Tokens will be issued over a 12-week span, ensuring a stable and sustainable market.

The deflationary nature of the QUBE token makes it a top crypto to buy for diversification. With a 2% buy and sell tax going to a burning wallet and a 5% buy and sell tax allocated to a dedicated reward pool, holders earn prizes through staking. This feature makes it an appealing investment entry for those who believe in the growth potential of AI and technology startups.

The QUBE token serves as a governance token, granting holders the ability to actively participate in decision-making processes on the platform. As more investors and startups get involved with InQubeta, the demand for QUBE is expected to rise, presenting potential value growth opportunities for investors. This aspect solidifies QUBE as the best crypto to buy for a portfolio boost.

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Solana's (SOL): Raul Pal Foresees 66% Gain, Backed by 'Crypto Summer' Optimism.

Solana is about to test a very significant pattern. According to an experienced macro investor, Raul Pal, if this stock does pass its "test, it could begin a 66% gain in value. Raul Pals positive attitude resembles his current confidence in SOL.

A crypto summer is also something that Raul Pal is optimistic about for 2024. He notes that the future growth of Solana might be attributed to its recent strategic partnerships. Interestingly, worldwide payment service provider Visa unveiled a USDC article on the SOL platform that proved quick in transaction speeds.


With the recent prediction Raul Pal gave on Solana, it seems poised for significant profit next year. Amidst this, InQubeta is changing the crypto landscape with its innovative technology and dedicated team. The presale offers individuals a chance to participate in the crypto-AI revolution. Users can visit the site, join the project, and purchase tokens accepted as currency in this venture, such as ETH, BTC, or USDT. Investors are rewarded with airdropped tokens, including bonus ones, after the initial sale which enhances their investment prospects.

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