Meet Liliduro: Bringing a New Look to Online Cosmetics Businesses

Liliduro Brand Background…

Liliduro is a young, dynamic, cruelty-free, vegan beauty brand.

They constantly innovating or breaking through existing technologies and beauty solutions to create trendy and practical products for eyes, lips, face and body. They believe “Be Bold, Conquer the World Color”.

Liliduro always deliver on brand promise and provide customers with the makeup products they really need. Their goal is to make customers happy when using Liliduro’s makeup products.

The brand focuses on current beauty trends, conducts in-depth research on each sales country, helping them redefine beauty with carefully crafted formulas and shades that are tailored to today’s evolving beauty consumer. 

Liliduro remains committed to using quality formulas and no animal testing, making quality makeup products accessible to everyone.

No matter your country, no matter your skin tone, no matter your gender, everyone is an individual and has the right to control your own beauty. When you look in the mirror, you will applaud and feel proud of your beautiful self.




Liliduro products are on hot sale now. . . 


liliduro product

                       All in one Swirl Makeup Primer: 

* Contains Multiple hyaluronic acid to moisturize skin; 

* Niacinamide and vitamin A blend for antioxidant brightening effect; 

* Triple Helix formula corrects skin tone, reduces redness, and fades dark circles and blemishes.

GO-TO Lip Liner 4 in 1:

Features four of their nude Lippie Pencils for perfectly defined lips. 

Makeup Full Coverage Concealer: 

A lightweight, hydrating concealer with a non-cakey feel that delivers long-lasting coverage from light to dark for a radiant complexion.

Duo Chrome Eye Color: 

Packed with sparkling duochrome pigment for a high impact, multi-dimensional finish. Each unique shade delivers a vibrant color shift with every angle of light.

PH Magic Lip Oil: 

Reacts with your unique pH level for a transformative lip experience that quickly replenishes lip moisture while adding lustrous color.

There’s more to come…

Liliduro has entered the popular emerging platform. . .

Liliduro continues to attract the attention of young consumers through the content marketing strategy that best suits the brand.

In the past year, Liliduro have entered Tiktok US and UK stations, cooperated with a large number of content creators, produced high-quality short videos, and used live broadcasts and other forms to show consumers the charm of products in the most direct way.


liliduro primer


In addition, Liliduro have also invited many content creators on the Instagram platform to allow consumers to gradually deepen their memory of the Liliduro brand and trust the quality of the products.

In addition to being active on social media such as Facebook and Youtube, Liliduro has made all its product types public on If you have any questions, you can contact directly.

Liliduro’s future development direction…

In addition to continuously developing new products based on market changes and consumer demand, Liliduro will also sell in Mexico, Italy, Spain, Germany, France and other places in the future.

Company Details

Organization: Liliduro Beauty

Contact Person: Monica



Contact Number: +8613678998664

Country: China